School Fees

Fees are set to ensure:
  • the centrality of the principles of equity, justice and respect for all families within our school communities
  • that our Diocesan schools offer an affordable option for parent/carers seeking a Catholic education for their child
School fees are set to meet the financial and resource needs of the school. The amount paid for fees covers all costs, including the provision of inschool stationery and resource items, excursion costs, bus transport costs for school events such as sporting events and eisteddfod attendance, annual swimming program and school shows/ incursions such as Life Ed, cultural shows, drama performances and entry costs in Bathurst Show and CWA competitions.
CIRCUMSTANCES OF HARDSHIP    Families in genuine financial hardship will be afforded appropriate assistance in a dignified and confidential manner. Interactions will be respectful, just, compassionate and sympathetic. Families who have the capacity to pay fees and who are not in genuine financial hardship have an obligation to pay fees and will be pursued for non-payment. 
Upon formal application at the time of enrolment, or when a family experiences financial hardship or difficulty, Fee Relief may be applied. The Principal will determine the portion of fees to be extended or waived on compassionate or financial hardship grounds. Concessions may be granted for up to one year, when the account will be reviewed to determine the requirement for further assistance.
Families are encouraged to discuss fee support needs as soon as difficulties arise.


2022 School fee schedule

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