The Assumption Catholic Primary School is proudly founded on the traditions of the Sisters of St. Joseph, with inspiration from St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop and Fr. Julian Tenison Woods.

On the Feast of St. Ignatius, July 31, in 1952, a significant chapter unfolded as Mother M. Paula, Sr. Theophane, and Sr. M. Rosarii, accompanied by Acting Administrator Rev. Fr. Sullivan, journeyed from Perthville to the Assumption Convent to establish a new foundation.

Responding to numerous appeals from the West Bathurst community, Bishop Norton acquired the property "Cobar Heights" on Mitre St, tasking the Sisters of St Joseph with the establishment of a school. Initially utilising a large room in the building as a church, this practice continued until an army hut was repurposed and officially opened as a church in 1955.

The grand opening of the school on September 7, 1952, unfolded under perfect weather, as documented by Sr. Rosarii. On September 9, 1952, classes commenced, welcoming 36 pupils from Kindergarten to Year 3. Sr. Theophane's class accommodated 28 pupils, while Sr. Rosarii's had 8. This marked the beginning of an educational journey that has left an enduring impact, connecting the past to the vibrant present.