Our Learning Framework

We strive to enhance RELATIONSHIPS

Learning is enhanced across our inclusive school community when we value the relationships of all members. Relationships are professional and supportive connections that allow all to be heard and valued. This requires the support of all to foster a sense of belonging and empathy.

Learning is enhanced when relationships are built upon trust, respect and dignity. Open and honest communication is vital to creating an environment where relationships can lead to growth and collaboration. Wellbeing is amplified when this occurs.

Through the charism of the Josephite sisters, we aspire to respect the dignity of others and live in the presence of God. We inspire learners to seek opportunities to support others locally and globally.

We strive to enhance GROWTH

Learning is a natural and lifelong process where our shared goal is to provide a nurturing and strengthening community where all can encounter, grow and flourish. This requires learners to be exposed to a learning environment that views building resilience and accepting failure as an inevitable and essential process of life.

When learning is personalised, it supports diversity. Individual and shared goals enhance growth and occur at different rates. Specific and timely feedback helps individuals to achieve measured growth, with a wide range of data used to inform. When individuals are provided with a safe environment to take risks and have a go, failure is viewed as an opportunity to learn. Persisting with challenges and adapting to change is encouraged and supported in preparation for the real world.

Through Christ, each individual is encouraged to grow their strengths, talents and interests and contribute these gifts to our community. We are all supported to grow our faith and become closer with God in our daily interactions.

We strive to enhance COLLABORATION

Learning is enhanced when we work together to create and achieve common goals.   Collaboration is sharing our thoughts and ideas and designing learning in an inclusive environment where all community members benefit. We strive to work together to reflect and share our thoughts and ideas with others so they can be heard and celebrated. This requires positive relationships to enhance a sense of growth and wellbeing.

Working together in our learning can create something far more significant than individual parts alone. This requires ongoing reflection to create new and effective ways to further develop our learning community. All learners are responsible for contributing, regardless of experience, beliefs and background. This involves taking initiative and using our strengths to create change in ourselves and others.

Through our connection with Christ, we strive to model our thoughts, words and actions to improve ourselves and the lives of others. This involves working together and being aware of ourselves and others in promoting a fair and just world.