Welcome to The Assumption Catholic Primary School Bathurst

Ad Jesum per Mariam
To Jesus through Mary

Hello and welcome to The Assumption Catholic Primary School

I invite you to take a look at our incredible school and experience all the wonderful aspects that make us unique. Our students are at the heart


of what we do and this sees us continuously strive to provide quality Catholic learning for all. We nurture our students' faith, wellbeing and learning as they move through their primary years.

We are blessed with beautiful learning environments at our school. Our children have opportunities to shape what happens here by working together and having a voice about the things that affect them the most. Our current 2023 Year Six Leaders believe that your child should come to the Assumption School because:

  • Students want to have a learning experience;
  • Students are able to learn and develop life skills such as team work, independence, and social skills; 
  • Teachers welcome everyone and make students feel valued; 
  • Our different play areas encourage different activities; and,
  • Our classrooms are welcoming and we are supported to do extra-activities. 

Our talented staff are committed to responding to the needs of each child with adaptive, engaging teaching. Our children are given opportunities to think critically, to participate in a wide range of experiences and are encouraged to be optimistic, compassionate and informed members of society. Our staff value the talents and strengths that each child brings and strive to support them to achieve their full potential.

As Principal, I believe that all children can achieve with the right support and resources. Each day we are guided by Gospel Values. Our community encourages each member to flourish in life and through their work. We are building strong connections with our families after navigating the global pandemic over the past 3 years. Each day we honour our relationships with our students, each other and our beautiful families.

May you find your home here with us at The Assumption School as we journey together to encounter God in the everyday, strive to do our personal best and create quality relationships that nourish us.

So please come to visit us by contacting our incredible Office Team on 6331 3444 or via email assumption@bth.catholic.edu.au

Yours in education,                                                                                 



‘To Jesus through Mary’

Ms Angela Johnson


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