Personal Development Health Physical Education (PDHPE)

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) is one of the seven key learning areas in our school primary curriculum. This syllabus makes a unique contribution to the total school curriculum in that it is directly concerned with supporting the development of the student as a whole person. Its implementation has the potential to contribute to improved and ongoing quality of life for all individuals within the community.

The PDHPE K–6 Syllabus is based on a broad notion of health. It encompasses all aspects of an individual’s wellbeing, inclusive of social, mental, physical and spiritual health.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education develops the knowledge, skills and attitudes students need to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives. Students learn about the importance of good food and regular exercise. Students learn how bodies grow and change over time. They learn skills to play individual and team sports, and the values of sportsmanship and teamwork. It also provides our school with a curriculum framework for managing the major health priorities of student physical activity and fitness, child protection education and drug education.