Welcome to The Assumption Catholic Primary School Bathurst

Welcome to The Assumption Catholic Primary School Bathurst

To Jesus through Mary

To Jesus through Mary
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Being a member of the school band is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn and master a musical instrument, to be part of a team, to have fun and make new friends and to gain valuable satisfaction and self esteem. During their time in band, students will learn to play an instrument, read music, develop an appreciation and understanding of a wide range of musical styles and be given many performance opportunities. The many skills they learn (such as increased concentration and self discipline) carry over into all parts of their lives.

To ensure the success of our band, it is important to view band membership as a long term commitment.  Learning an instrument is not an activity which can be done on and off. All band members are expected to

  • commit to the band for a minimum of one year as they are making a commitment to themselves and the band
  • attend all lessons and rehearsals on time
  • attend all performances 
  • have a high level of self-discipline
  • respect the Conductor
  • have good listening skills
  • show respect to their fellow band members
  • practise regularly, and
  • assist with the setting up and packing up of ensemble equipment.

Students wishing to learn an instrument may borrow an instrument from the school should one be available. Following is a summary of the conditions upon which a student may borrow an instrument from Assumption School for one school year, with Mitchell Conservatorium.

  • The instrument remains the property of The Assumption School.
  • Period of instrument loan is 12 months, after which the instrument may be purchased or be returned for use by another student. Note that irrespective of the loan period, all instruments need to be returned at the end of term 4 for maintenance.
  • Students must enrol in weekly lessons with Mitchell Conservatorium before borrowing the instrument.
  • Mitchell Conservatorium fees must be kept up to date each term. Payment for lessons is to Mitchell Conservatorium and not to Assumption School.
  • An initial $100.00 refundable bond must be paid at the beginning of the loan period.
  • In addition, a $75.00 non-refundable fee must be paid to the school to cover insurance and service costs for the instrument, but excludes repairs.
  • Instruments must be cared for, and parents are not to arrange servicing or repairs. If servicing or repairs are necessary, the school is responsible for arranging these. Parents will be responsible for covering repair costs.
  • Should any problems arise with either the instrument or the student’s lessons, the band coordinator must be informed.
  • Instruments must be returned to the school near the end of Term 4 in December. Instruments will be returned to students who still have time to run on their loan period when school resumes.
  • In the event of loss of an instrument, parents will be invoiced the replacement cost.
  • Failure to comply with the above conditions will void the loan arrangement. In this instance the instrument must be immediately returned to the school.