Welcome to The Assumption Catholic Primary School Bathurst

Welcome to The Assumption Catholic Primary School Bathurst

To Jesus through Mary

To Jesus through Mary
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From time to time concerns and differences of opinion can arise in any community. When such problems arise you are asked to speak to the appropriate member of staff:

  • Class Teacher: Classroom or playground matters 
  • Assistant Principal: Bus travel, Student Behaviour
  • Principal: Family Matters, Finance, Staff, Safety, Child Protection

If problems arise between students it is never permissible for parents to approach another child to discuss this. Such matters should always be handled by a member of staff. Similarly, it is not recommended for parents to approach one another outside of school to discuss in-school matters.

With Jesus as our guide to ‘Love One Another’, gossip and negative conversations outside of the school community are unhelpful and damaging.

To ensure that these are addressed with dignity, procedural fairness and reflective of Gospel values, policies exist to guide protocols and processes.

CEDB Complaints Management Policy