Our History

The beginning

On Thursday, the Feast of St Ignatius (31st July), after some months of waiting, Mother M. Paula, Sr Theophane and Sr M. Rosarii were driven from Perthville to the Assumption Convent, by the Acting Administrator Rev. Fr Sullivan, to begin the new Foundation in 1952.

Bishop Norton had received many requests from the people of West Bathurst to establish a school in the area. Finally, the property "Cobar Heights" in Mitre St was purchased and the Sisters of St Joseph were asked to come and set up school. One big room of the building was being used as a Church and this continued until an army hut was converted to a Church and opened in 1955.

The opening of the School on Sunday 7th September 1952 took place "in perfect weather" and Sr Rosarii noted, "Building bought for 6000 pounds. Alterations and repairs, etc £3000 odd. Furnishings £800. To date £7000 paid. An appeal was very successful".

Classes (from Kindergarten to Year 3) began Tuesday 9th September with 36 pupils. Sr Theoplane had 28 pupils and Sr Rosarii had 8 pupils.


Prior to 1974 the boys left Assumption at the end of Year 2. Since 1976 it has been fully co-educational, Kindergarten to Year 6. From its humble beginning of 36 students, the Assumption School is now a two-stream school, Kindergarten to Year 6, and has around 370 students. It has seen many changes during its first fifty years.

The original Assumption uniform for girls was a bottle green tunic, beret, blazer and white blouse with green and gold tie. In 1964 the present uniform became mandatory for all schools of the Bathurst Diocese. The original bottle green is now retained in the school tie and sports uniform. A school badge (with crest drawn by Sr Marie Williams) was added in 1988.


The Assumption School has always been an open Community. An early diary and Visitors' Book show a constant interaction with many different people and organisations.

Beginning with its participation in St Patrick's Day March and Concert in 1953, the school has always played an active part in Community activities. There is mention of a girls' basketball team in 1953. In 1961 a Rugby League team "The Mighty Midgets", went through the competition undefeated. Presently, the school Athletics and Swimming Carnivals are held annually and children also compete in Diocesan and Inter-diocesan competitions.

Representatives from the school have taken part in Anzac and Remembrance Day Ceremonies, in the Edgell Jog and have competed since 1953 in the Bathurst Eisteddfod. The children visit the aged homes at Christmas time and entertain with musical items.

Beginning with the generosity of the people who welcomed the original community, Assumption has always enjoyed wonderful support and practical assistance from its many friends. People have helped with gardening and maintenance of buildings from the very beginning.

Since the inaugural Parents & Friends and Mothers' Meetings in 1952 and the Tuckshop operating from the Convent kitchen in the same year, our parents and friends have given the school amazing support until the present day.

The Assumption School owes a debt of gratitude to these people, the dedicated staff and teachers and the many others who have worked tirelessly for the school.

Assumption School has been an integral part of the Parish Community since its establishment in 1952, and is clearly identified with the presence of the Church in the community. Children and staff participate in parish liturgies and other activities either as a school group or with their own families.


1952 - 56 Sr M Rosarii
1956 - 60 Sr M Ignatius
1960 - 66 Sr M. Bernadine (Sr Kath English)
1966 - 68 Sr Maria Goretti (Sr Catherine Grant)
1968 - 72 Sr M. Vincent (Sr Elizabeth Carroll)
1972 - 73 Sr Marie Agnes
1973 - 81 Sr M. Bernadine
1981 - 87 Sr Philomena Gearon
1987 - 2000 Sr Jean Cain
2000 - 2001 Mrs Lorraine Breen 
2001 - 2015 Mr Peter Nugent
2015 - 2020 Mrs Sue Guilfoyle
2019 - 2020 Mr David Maher

2021 - June 2022  Mrs Kate Salmon

June 2022 -   Ms Angela Johnson

Parish Priests

1960 - 1964 Fr Chris Sullivan
1964 - 1968 Mons Laurie Goodacre
1968 - 1970 Fr Michael Connaughton
1971 - 1973 Fr Harley McKillop
1973 - 1980 Mons Michael McNamee
1980 - 1987 Mons Sean O'Doherty
1987 - 1992 Fr Anaeus Delaney
1992 - 2003 Fr Harry Quigley
2003 - 2010 Fr James Cutcliffe
2010 - 2015 Fr Pat O’Regan
2015 -         Fr Paul Devitt