Parents are legally responsible for ensuring that their child attends school each day. This attendance is to be punctual and not disrupted by withdrawal for appointments and/or family activities. Please refer to the attached information sheet to see the impact of student absences on student learning.

Student Absences:

All absences must be notified in writing to the class teacher. This may take the form of a written note delivered to the teacher, a notification using the COMPASS app or an email to the school's email address. This notification must be received within one week of the student's absence, otherwise it is recorded in the class roll as an unexplained absence. 

Absence is only permitted due to illness, urgent family matters (e.g misadventures, funeral) or for approved leave (see below)

School Hours Appointments:

To minimise disruption to learning, parents are requested to make appointments  for their children outside of school hours. If this unavaoidable, students should attend for the time outside of the appointment. If parents need to withdraw their child from school for such an appoinmtnet, to minimise disruption to classrooms and learning time, office staff will contact the class teacher and have the student sent to the office. When taking students away from school during school hours the office staff will sign the student out from COMPASS and again upon return to school.  Parents will be given a paper pass to keep with them. 

Late Arrivals:

Any student arriving after 9:00am must be accompanied to the office by their parent/adult guardian who will need to sign the student into school on the COMPASS kiosk. This is a legal requirement as all late arrivals are entered in the class roll for school record purposes. No parent, or child, may go directly to the classrooms after the 9:00am school bell.

Leave Applications:

For periods of leave under 10 days, parents should forward a letter of intent to the school principal prior to the leave being taken. The principal will make contact with families if there are concerns about this leave. Approval of such leave can be declined if it is not in the student's educational interests.

For extended leave (an absence for family holidays of 10 school days or greater), the attached form should be completed and returned to school for approval prior to the leave being taken. Approval or this leave is at the principal's discretion after considering impact this may have on a child's learning.